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10:45:39 16/10/2010 iesūtījis HELDON - Sadaļa: HELDON
<TheReaper> never will forget a pic a friend who had been in the navy showed me years back, it was some chick in her backyard sunbathing nude
<TheReaper> looked just like he had a jetpack on and flew overhead and took it with a 35mm with telezoom lense
<TheReaper> but it was taken from a satellite in orbit
<TheReaper> after that i never again had sex outdoors haha
<TheReaper> he's not around anymore, he got in trouble for talking about that stuff
<TheReaper> military intelligence arrested him for it and that's all we know
<TheReaper> but it's amazing how crystal clear that shit is
<TheReaper> so if you wanna get freaky with someone outdoors, do it under a tent or something
<TheReaper> usa might be watching!

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