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22:44:39 21/10/2011 iesūtījis capsx - Sadaļa: capsx
Last week we were informed by our HDD suppliers of the ongoing severe flood in Thailand that has impacted HDD factories as well as many sub-assembly factories and infrastructure in Thailand. The flood will have a severe impact on supply as factories are damaged or workers cannot reach factories.

WD produces 60% of its HDD’s in Thailand – two of their plants are shut down.
Seagate relies in several sub-assembly suppliers in Thailand some of which had factories that are flooded or shut down due to lack of access.

Currently, all deliveries and marketing postponed or cancelled. HDD vendors are increasing prices dramatically. This is a constantly changing situation, with new info arriving on daily basis. Following steps are applied by Vendors:

  1. All announced/approved marketing/bonus programs for Q4 on external HDD (WD/Seagate/Hitachi) are cancelled.
  2. All special prices are cancelled and new ones will be updated on daily basis.

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HELDON 21/10/2011 23:15:08 raksta:

ha ha.




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