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00:59:31 14/07/2003 iesūtījis HELDON - Sadaļa: HELDON

Sižets - 16 year-old Lilya lives in a poor and dreary suburb somewhere in the former Soviet Union. She dreams of a better life. Her mother has moved to the States with a new man and Lilya is waiting to be sent for. When no letters or money arrive from her mother, it bescomes obvious that Lilya has been abandoned. She´s forced to move into a tiny, run-down flat with no electricity or heating. Heartbroken and without money, Lilya´s situation becomes desperate. Her only friend is the 11 year-old boy Volodya. They hang around together and fantasize to make life a little easier.

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K0zj0L 14/07/2003 12:51:46 raksta:

HMM, mosh avr sarunaat adresiiti ?

K0zj0L 14/07/2003 12:52:00 raksta:

HMM, mosh var sarunaat adresiiti ?
Tb, kur var novilkt utt...

kaarleens 14/07/2003 20:00:25 raksta:

vareetu buut labs :) buus japameklee

HELDON 14/07/2003 20:52:53 raksta:

Kozjol: contact me via mail

K0zj0L 24/07/2003 08:44:32 raksta:





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