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23:21:45 03/02/2018 iesūtījis HELDON - Sadaļa: HELDON
Hi all !
If you are reading this, good chance is you googled this post and holding to your Firefox Mozilla (56.x or older) version and desperately need NoSquint Plus to work properly. As we all know there simply are not any good alternatives to this add-on.

I am in same boat and I have working solution !

Yes, we absolutely need adjustable per-site full zoom/text zoom settings, not some lame global setting for everything, which is what other addon makers are proposing... Also text/background change options are great and must have!

Luckily back in time I managed to create backup copy of NoSquint Plus 56.1.

We all know author (Baris Derin) of NoSquint Plus add-on abandoned support for his work, removed this fine working version from mozilla site and even worse for reasons unknown included "time bomb" in it, which caused fine working version (56.1) of NoSquint Plus to stop working after some time. If you set your system clock backward, you will see addon will work just fine...unless it has not been updated to more recent version.

Time bomb is caused by following line in bootstrap.js file in NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi :


Basically what you need to do is remove that one line from from bootstrap.js file in NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi.

To be able to do this, you must rename NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi to NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi.rar, then open it (for example in 7-zip), remove that 1 line and re-save it back to .rar, then rename back to .xpi, install this fixed .xpi file as add-on in your browser and your NoSquint Plus 56.1 will work.

I have done that already and you can download modified NoSquint Plus 56.1 addon from link(s) below (3 mirrors):


But there is one another problem. Since all add-ons are digitally signed just by removing that 1 line "signature" is offset, so newest version(s) of FireFox Mozilla will not allow to install it.

In older versions Firefox will allow you to override the setting to enforce the add-on signing requirement by changing the preference
xpinstall.signatures.required to false in the Firefox Configuration Editor (about:config page). But I do not recommend using older versions (below 56.x) due to possible security risks.

To solve this issue, just download and install Waterfox, which is fine and proper browser, actively in development, based on Firefox 56.x. You will get great, fast, responsive browser with latest security fixes and all your old Firefox add-on(s) will work! Including modified NoSquint Plus 56.1 !

One more thing, when you install Waterfox I advise that you create everything from scratch (DONT import any settings from any other browser) as there is a potential probability that latest (useless) version of (non-working) NoSquint Plus will screw something up in your profile files and prevent working of NoSquint 56.1.


So, instructions are following:
1. Download and install Waterfox from its official homepage - https://www.waterfoxproject.org/ (don't worry it will be just as same as your firefox mozilla, just even faster and better). Current version of WaterFox when writing this post is 56.0.4)
2. Don't import any profiles when installing Waterfox.
3. Download modified NoSquint 56.1 add-on from link above in this post. Unzip it to fixed-NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi
4. Start Waterfox and go to Open Menu -> Add-ons , uncheck option Update add-ons automaticly
5. Choose Install Add-on from file and choose fixed-NoSquintPlus{56.1}.xpi file you saved earlier.


6. Click on More of NoSquint Plus 56.1 and make sure Automatic updates Setting is OFF.

Enjoy fine working addon.

Truly yours,

(c) https://tvertne.org

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Thanks Mister HELDON 04/02/2018 03:31:09 raksta:

Mister HELDON, you are awesome.
A very nice person.
Thanks you very much.
I hope the best for you :)

Thanks Mister HELDON 04/02/2018 03:59:03 raksta:

Have to saying your explications are realy good :)
once again big thanks for your great help.
Bye mister.

hiiii 25/09/2018 16:11:14 raksta:

thanks for keeping this version.




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